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The storage is performed in an isolated steel hall with the area of 1200 m2; The storage of goods on pallets is possible to the height of 4 pallets. The storage of your goods is performed with maximum care and respecting its character.

The premises are permanently monitored by the camera system. The price for the lease of the storage premises depends on the kind of goods, turnover ration of goods, manipulation, heating and many other aspects. Contact us, please, to gain topical information about prices.


Manipulation: Caterpillar 1,9 t, Desta 3,5 t high-lift truck
  Manipulation ramp

Photo-gallery of storage premises

Contact - exchange


(+420 ) 321 697 274, line 34


(+420 ) 321 697 614



Working hours:

6:00 - 15:00
If necessary, depending on agreement

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